The conference The topic of the SeLC 2017

 "Learning in change: How digital learning supports change processes in organizations"

Once only occasional projects, changes have become steady-state in nearly all companies and organizations today. Organizational forms and processes are in transition – products and services have to constantly adapt to new developments and requirements:

  • Marketing and sales units permanently search for innovative methods and up to date modes of communications.
  • Customers demand attractive customer experiences.
  • Employees expect flexible working models, modern tools and individual learning formats.

Most of these changes are connected to the digitalization. The digital challenge requires a digital solution. That’s why digital learning formats can address these changes adequately,

 -  that’s why digital learning formats highly match the requirements to support these changes appropriately

How can the organizational transformation be supported with the help of digital learning experiences? The Swiss eLearning Conference 2017 tries to find answers to this question: It will deal with networked, digital learning in changing times and will examine new ways of learning that are necessary for change processes.

At SeLC 17, you will find:

  • an interactive and practice oriented program
  • opportunities to network and exchange with experts who deal with digital learning and change
  • insights into concrete projects, products and solutions

  • a conference experience that combines presence oriented formats with virtual methods

  • practical tips for the own implementation

The SeLC is THE annual meeting place to address digital learning in Switzerland and to discuss this topic with experts from Switzerland, Germany and Austria.